Across the Spider-Verse Confirms Metro Boomin Cameo

Metro Boomin Merch

The highly anticipated sequel will feature Metro Boomin’s Spider-sona, according to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Many users were searching through the supporting cast of a recent TV ad on Twitter. Some of them caught Metro Boomin’s Spider-Man hanging out, and Complex later corroborated this. In Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the Wall-Crawler appears in a variety of forms. Being such a huge admirer, it only makes sense that the person who created the movie’s soundtrack would be interested in the Miles Morales movie. More of the incredible music will be released as the big release date approaches, along with more glimpses at the original Spider-Man characters.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller did not downplay the popularity of the first movie when discussing bringing in Metro for the soundtrack of the second movie. Although it’s a massive undertaking, Metro is definitely up to the challenge. “That’s a high bar to clear,” Lord said on the Spider-Verse account. “So, we added extra reinforcements for this upcoming film. We are collaborating with Metro Boomin this time. That person is skilled if anyone is going to be able to create something that replicates Miles’ experience.

At CinemaCon, co-director Kemp Powers told the audience, “The new Spider-Verse movie is coming to your theaters in just over two months and is a continuation of the story of Miles Morales.” We’re going to explore new realms and include a ton of people, both new and old, but they all still have something to do with Miles and his family’s emotional journey, which we’ll be focusing on in this movie.

Along with co-stars Hailee Steinfeld and Issa Rae, series star Shamiek Moore graced the stage to discuss his role in the follow-up. According to Moore, Miles’ summertime trip will be more dramatic than even the first movie.

Moore informed the audience that “it’s been more than a year since the events of the first move.” Miles is still learning the ropes of becoming a superhero. In the first movie, he discovered that anyone could wear the mask, but in this movie, Miles learns that what truly distinguishes a hero is how they wear the mask. And of course, Gwen Stacy is the only one who truly comprehends what he is going through.

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